Beit Rachamim-House Of Compassion

Hosting Short-Term Mission Trips To Israel

These are just a few of the ministries you might have an opportunity to serve:

Bridges For Peace (

Bridges for Peace is a Christian organization that works to build relationships between the Jewish people and Christians in Israel and throughout the world.  It was astonishing to learn that Jewish people associate Christians with past atrocities, like the Crusades and the Holocaust.  Although we know that people who commit evil acts in the name of Yeshua are not truly Christian, the Jewish people believe that they were and, therefore, generally want nothing to do with Christian people.  It was also surprising to learn that some purported Christians still ask Jewish people why they killed Jesus.  Bridges for Peace works to dispel these myths by showing the Israeli people love through practical assistance (such as installing handrails in older people‚Äôs homes and other repair projects), volunteer service, and prayer.  We served at an elementary school that is attended by Jewish, Christian, and Arab children.  The school is a new community contact of Bridges for Peace.  After we toured the school and met some of the children, we painted a portion of a sports mural, cleaned up and pulled weeds in a playground, and painted the wall surrounding the playground.

Shalva (

Shalva, which means peace of mind in Hebrew, is an educational and therapeutic facility for disabled children, primarily those with Down's Syndrome.  Shalva works with children from birth through 21 years and currently provides services to more than 500 participants.  We toured the facility, cleaned toys, sorted clothes, and met some of the children.  What a blessing to see how those children freely gave love!

King of Kings Community in Jerusalem (

King of Kings is a messianic Jewish congregation that has recently opened the Manna Kitchen and now provides hot meals to those in need on Mondays and Fridays.  We helped to clean, setup the tables, cleanup, and serve for one of those meals. 

Fresh Bread in Netanya (

Yeshuas Fresh Bread provides hot meals and clothing to needy Jewish people.  We helped to set up the clothing tables, prepare food, cleanup, and serve a meal to primarily Russian immigrants.  Even with the language barrier, we were able to show them the love of Yeshua. 

The Joseph Project (

The Joseph Project is largely funded by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America.  It collects, ships, and distributes more than 75 tons of clothing, furniture, household goods, medical supplies and other aid each year.  We toured a warehouse where we learned about the organization and put together approximately 350 emergency bomb shelter kits.  The kits are comprised of simple items needed by families when they must go to a bomb shelter during the many rocket attacks that occur each year, such as paper towels, paper plates, utensils, toilet paper, a game to keep the children occupied, etc.

Christ Church (

Christ Church is located in Jerusalem's Old City.  Christ Church is the oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East.  It was completed in 1849 and currently serves an evangelical Anglican congregation.  Each year, Jerusalem has a week-long Festival of Lights.  Christ Church is located at the end of the path along which lighted displays are set up for people to walk through and enjoy.  This year, Christ Church put up its own light display and welcomed people to walk through its facility.  It provided free Bibles and books in several different  languages, water and lemonade, and gospel presentations.  Our team helped to prepare for and serve those who came to the event that night.

The Joshua Fund (

The Joshua Fund purchases food with monetary donations, which it then provides to Holocaust survivors, the elderly, single mothers, homeless people, widows, orphans, and other poor and needy Jews, Muslims, and Christians.  It has more than a dozen distribution centers throughout Israel.  We worked at the main warehouse and prepared 21 pallets of food to send to those distribution centers.  Some of the members of our team were blessed to go on food deliveries to families who lived nearby.  It touched our hearts to meet and pray with those families.